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My name is Xioneida Ruiz I am a self-taught artist who discovered my love of painting a few years ago on a night out with friends. That outing led me to the realization that painting was something I wanted to pursue further.  Since then, I have realized that being an artist is something that you are born with, and not necessarily something you learn in school.  I have learned a great deal through practical experience and trial and error, and I continue to expand my knowledge by continually pushing my craft.  I am committed to learning new techniques, which will elevate the level of sophistication of my paintings.  I was born and raised in Panamá and came to the United States as a pre-teen.  Growing up, cheerful artwork was everywhere.  As an Afro Latina Artist, my artwork reflects my rich culture and upbringing.  All of my paintings are unique and expressive and depict a vibrant and colorful palette which directly derives from my life experiences living abroad.  As an avid traveler, most of my paintings are directly inspired by countries and islands I’ve traveled to around the world and depict the traditions and culture of each locale.  Since discovering my passion, I have unleashed my creativity, painting various pieces that are bold in color, distinctive, and exciting.  Specializing in acrylics, my subjects vary from still life to figurative, but my palette is always bursting with rich color and my paintings are always cheerful.  I love to paint things that inspire me, so I do not stick to one subject.  I enjoy painting beautiful beachscapes that remind me of the places I visited; I also enjoy painting portraits with an emphasis on Latin Folklore. The use of bright bold colors, something I grew up seeing all around, has become my trademark. Thru my art, I hope to capture the essence of the beautiful country where I’m from as well as those I’ve visited; taking each viewer on a little cultural field trip thru my paintings.  Since landing on the art scene, my artwork has been exhibited in numerous Exhibits in various Art Galleries throughout Northern California.  I currently reside in American Canyon, CA with my husband, three sons and two dogs.

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